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1. Your name: Lisa

2. Their name: Conor

3.Your ages: almost 19 and he's 18

4. Your location: Long Island

5. Their location: Long Island

6. How long have you been together? Four wonderful years on February 13th

7. What is the status of your relationship? Very serious and committed

8. Where did you find out about this community? I was browsing love stuff on lj, i was trying to find a community that wasn't fake or superficial and i found it

And now onto the more detailed questions.....

9.How did you meet? Our best friends (who are also dating), went to the same high school as him and thought we'd be good together and set us up. The first night i met him he fell on his butt on some ice heh that was my first impression of him and to me it means he literally "fell head over heels for me".

10. Where do you see yourselves as a couple in five years? What are your plans for the future? I see us going strong and being in love, he's all that i could ask for. We're young so we're taking it day by day and not planning anything too final yet, but if it comes to marriage I'd be proud to be his wife.

11. When did you know you loved them? The day he looked me right in the eyes and said "I love you Lisa" and I said it back and it felt so natural. Also when I couldn't (and still can't) get him off my mind day and night.

12.What is the sweetest thing they have ever said to you? On our three year anniversary he got me a car stereo and jewelry (our anniv. is the day before vday) and I felt bad that he had spent so much money on me so I asked him what he wanted and he said " Nothing, a gift for me is seeing you happy."

13. What is the most romantic thing they have ever done for you? Prom night he bought me the most beautiful white rose corsage, danced with me (even though he hates it), pulled my chair out for me, lent me his jacket when i was cold and stayed with me when I was seasick from the boatride after prom.

14. What was the most fun/exciting/memorable thing you've ever done together?
fun/exciting: When we went to Disney World with his family twice this year!
memorable: Prom night, it was simply amazing.

15. What would you change about your relationship? I would only change the fact that sometimes he's not very emotional and also my slight insecurities.

16. What's your favorite thing about them? Least favorite?
Favorite: The fact that he's a true gentleman, sweet, caring, funny, and always makes me feel amazing.
Least: He's so damn stubborn!

17. How do your parents feel about your relationship? They ADORE him. Sometimes they get wary of us being so committed so young, but they love the fact he's respectful to not only me but them (always Mr. and Mrs.) and that he makes me very happy.

18. If money were no object, what would you buy your SO? Why? A custom car garage with everything he needs to trick out cars because he loves working on them!

19. Question of your choice. Tell us something we haven't asked.
What is your "song"? In your eyes (i caught fire) by the used.

20. And so we can get an idea about you and your views of relationships, how do you feel about....
- long distance relationships
I believe that with faith and love, they truly can work. Miles and boundries cannot contain love or change the way you feel about someone, plus absence can make the heart grow fonder.
-same sex relationships
Everyone is entitled to be in love and have the same rights. Love knows not of color or gender, love is the feeling you get with that special someone.
-interracial relationships
We all bleed the same color and we're all human, no objections.
- meeting online
Very dangerous b/c you never know who you are talking to and what they are truly like. Use your intution and best judgment when doing this.

21. And last of all, sticking with the theme of this community, when do you love them the most?
I love him the most when we can sit on my bed without having to even touch each other but can talk for three hours and I feel comfortable spilling my heart and soul to them. I also love him when he's sleeping, it's absolutely adorable!

I'm sorry i dont have any pics right now my digital camera is being a jerk but i will post them as soon as i can :( Also, sorry the questions aren't bold i only know how to do that in rich text not plain text.
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