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1. Your name: Ashley
2. Their name: Eric
3.Your ages: Ashley: 19  Eric: 21
4. Your location: Phoenix, AZ
5. Their location: Scottsdale, AZ
6. How long have you been together? 1 year, 1 month and 23 days
7. What is the status of your relationship? We are promised to each other<3
8. Where did you find out about this community? I joined "themoreiloveyou" first, then discovered that this was a sister community.

And now onto the more detailed questions.....

9. How did you meet? At our local community college; he works in the computer lab there and that's where we met. He instantly noticed me when I walked in, and once we got to talking it was smooth sailing. ^.^

10. Where do you see yourselves as a couple in five years? What are your plans for the future? Married...or at least engaged; (we don't know exactly how long we will have to wait to get married, since he is still living at home and he and his mom are supporting each other, and we're both going to college.) We plan to live in his house together someday; (I don't know if I will move in before or after his mom is gone; it really depends....probably after though; he gets the house for 10 years after she's gone.) We'll be going to school for quite a long time, though...especially him; law school...but we don't plan on having kids....just wanna stick with animals. XD And I'm sure we'll be traveling a lot together, seeing the world and all the while falling more deeply in love as the years pass.<3

11. When did you know you loved them? Within 2 months of meeting him, I knew I was in love.

12. What is the sweetest thing they have ever said to you? sigh....god, so many things to choose from...o_o! XD Don't know if I could...hmm....I'll go with "I love you in every way." <3

13. What is the most romantic thing they have ever done for you? Making love to me, of course!!

14. What was the most fun/exciting/memorable thing you've ever done together? Hmm....I would have to say attending the wedding of mutual friends of ours; it was so much fun, and a first time experience for me, so I really enjoyed it...I love to dance, especially with him, and we did a lot of dancing at the reception; it was awesome! Also, I caught the bouqet and he caught the garter! ^.^<3

15. What would you change about your relationship? I'd probably make it so that we were a little better at listening to and understanding each other when problems came up.

16. What's your favorite thing about them? Least favorite? My favorite thing about Eric is that he just emanates so much love and passion all the time; those are really just the vibes I get from him- tall, dark and  handsome, yet still baby-faced and adorable, gentle, romantic, compassionate, loving, angelic....with the true heart and soul of a lover. My least favorite thing is that he's so argumentative and has a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be...^.^;;; Although he does need to be argumentative sometimes, since he's going to be a lawyer someday. XD

17. How do your parents feel about your relationship? My family loves him, and they know he's really good for me....his mom, not so much. She doesn't really like me very much, (then again, she doesn't really like anyone...) because she knows I'm here to stay and she thinks he could find someone better than me.....mostly because she feels that I am not up-to-par with his education level, and I'm not very ambitious...-_- Also, I understand how she feels, being a single mom and him being the last of her kids to stay with her at home, (his brother and sister have long-since moved out) and I'm sure she constantly feels as if I'm taking him away from her....but if that were the case, I really don't think that he would still be here helping her out. I feel bad though, because I really do like her and wish that we could have a close relationship without her putting the fear of god in me....because she freaks out about the simplest things; like even if we are just trying to sit there and relax and cuddle, she acts as if we have sprouted and extra head or something...it is very strange, and we just have to stay inside of this little box when we're around her, with everything we say and do, and not dare to go outside of it. -_- Hopefully, by the time we're ready to get married, she will have changed.

18. If money were no object, what would you buy your SO? Why? A GTO, because that's one of his dream cars, and, if it were legal, a penguin. He loves them. XD

19. Question of your choice. Tell us something we haven't asked. One of our most romantic moments EVER...our first kiss. <3 

May 5th 2005; at the community college where we met, there was a nice little cinco de mayo celebration going on in the front, with soft romantic music and a woman singing with a really pretty voice, so we sat together on a bench facing each other and holding hands (mind, this was before we were officially together but by this time had known each other for a couple months) so, we talked for awhile and then he said "Make a wish...." and I said "...I wish you would kiss me..." we slowly leaned closer and then kissed....and right in that moment I felt so much joy and happiness that I couldn't even describe it. I'd never had a kiss like this before...sure, I had been kissed, but this was the kiss of TRUE LOVE. I knew that right then and I was so amazed, and from that moment on I knew he was definitely the one.

20. And so we can get an idea about you and your views of relationships, how do you feel about....

- long distance relationships
I don't know how people make those work, but if you can, more power to you.
- same sex relationships
I'm not against them at all and I really think same-sex marriage should be legal, because everyone deserves to be happy. If the world could just accept everyone for who they are and gave everyone the freedom to be themselves, we would have a lot less worries and moans and groans about what is right and what isn't, and everyone could be content without fear of negative judgment.
- interracial relationships
No big deal; everyone is different; I say just do what feels right, and what makes you happy!
- meeting online
I personally think it's kind of dangerous, not to mention misleading....but I guess it works for some people.

21. And last of all, sticking with the theme of this community, when do you love them the most?
When we make love....we complete each other in every way possible, and we feel like nothing else exists in the world other than us, there in those moments. It is the deepest and most loving bond that we share, that we have never given to anyone else, never will, and no one can ever take it away from us.
Picture time!! ^.^<3

(My promise ring!! ^.^<3)

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