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Our 5th anniversary

Today is Hermann and I 5th anniversary! I wrote him this poem to give along 5 flowers tonight. I'm low on money, but I think this he will really like. I'll handwrite it, burn the side of the sheet and frame it. What do you think?

My try at an English translation...

5 years ago,
your eyes, for me, had never shined, your smile charmed.
5 years ago,
your hand had never carressed me, your body warmed.
5 years ago,
you didn't have your belle your jewel and me my partner and my boo
5 years ago,
my heart was somewhere else, and had never touched happiness.
5 years ago,
love was supercifial and temporary, self gift (can't translate) calculated.

I give you more those words
my wounds, my sorrows, my misfortunes
my hopes, my dreams, my heart
I'm your, my wonderful.

Hold my hand, hold it tight
so that in 5 years
we're still on our way

Happy 5th anniversary


Il y a 5 ans,
tes yeux, pour moi n’avaient jamais brillés, ton sourire charmé.
Il y a 5 ans,
tes mains ne m’avaient jamais caressées, ton corps réchauffés.
Il y a 5 ans,
tu n’avais pas de belle, de bijou, et moi, de partner, de bou.
Il y a 5 ans,
mon cœur était ailleurs, et n’avait jamais touché au bonheur.
Il y a 5 ans,
l’amour était superficiel et passagé, le don de soi calculé.

je te donne plus que ces mots.
mes blessures, mes peines, mes malheurs.
mes espoirs, mes rêves, mon cœur.
je suis tienne, mon beau.

Prends ma main et tiens la bien.
pour que dans 5 ans
on soit ensemble sur le chemin.

Joyeux 5e anniversaire.

What are your cheap but still great gift ideas when money is running low? :)
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