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1.Your name: Jackie
2. Their name: Steve
3.Your ages: 16 and 17
4. Your location: Institute, WV
5. Their location: Dunbar, WV
6. How long have you been together? 2 years and almost 3 months
7. What is the status of your relationship? It's very serious, lol.
8. Where did you find out about this community? Through an interest search.

And now onto the more detailed questions.....

9.How did you meet? Well, I first met Steve in 4th grade, when he came to my school. I thought he was cute and all, but what did I know...I was only 8-9 years old, lol. It was in middle school that we "met" met. I ran into him, literally, and we started talking after that heh.

10. Where do you see yourselves as a couple in five years? What are your plans for the future? We've been talking about it for quite sometime. In five years, we'll probably have a little house on the hill type thing going. We we're talking about having two little boys and one little gerl, but we want to wait after we are out college and married. If we are still in college, then we are still going to be together, God willing.

11. When did you know you loved them? One day, when we're talking, something just said inside "I really just want to spend the rest of my life with this guy." Now everytime I see him, I still get that really nervous-butterfly thing going in my stomach. I love him with all of my heart, lol.

12.What is the sweetest thing they have ever said to you? This is exactly what he said (lol it was that sweet) " I love you so much that it could fill every room in the Titantic and shoot straight into the sky and burn 1,000 times hotter than the sun!"

13. What is the most romantic thing they have ever done for you? One day, while in gym, I was on something in the weight room. Well I was playing around, slipped, and hit my shin on the thin part of the machine. It hit so hard that it make a dent in my bone. But anyways, on my way to class, Steve offered to carry me, and even though I said no....he picked me up anyways. We didn't make it too far since we were at school, and that's a form of PDA. He carried my books though and helped me the rest of the day, since I wasn't allowed to go home (my dad is all about school). It was sooo sweet!

14. What was the most fun/exciting/memorable thing you've ever done together? I think it might have been the day I fell asleep in his arms. I felt so secure, and the best part of it was knowing that he was right there with me. I love being with him!!! Heh.

15. What would you change about your relationship? Since I'm taking classes on a college campus (collaboration between college and high school...I have 9 college hours already, heh), and he is at a regular high school....I don't get to see him that much...so I'd probably change that fact.

16. What's your favorite thing about them? Least favorite? I love his personality. I love how he can make me laugh at anytime. I also love his hair! Lol. I don't like when he gets depressed because he scares me sometimes.

17. How do your parents feel about your relationship? Well, my dad doesn't like it too much, and neither does my step-mom. But my mom wants to meet him, lol. She is also really surprised at how long we've lasted, and keeps telling me how special it is.

18. If money were no object, what would you buy your SO? Why? I'd buy him a new amp for his bass guitar (and a new bass if he wanted) because he plans to make music his career, specifically playing guitar.

19. Question of your choice. Tell us something we haven't asked.
How's about "What makes you two most alike?" We have the same tastes in music, and we both understand each other. We both play bass guitar. We also love being silly, Stephen King, and movies.

20. And so we can get an idea about you and your views of relationships, how do you feel about....

- long distance relationships
I don't have anything against them, but they can sometimes be hard since you don't really get to see each other that much. But they can also be very special if you absolutely love that person.
- same relationships
I feel that its that person's choice, and if they love each other that's all that matters. I won't someone because they choose to be with someone of the same gender. Love is love no matter what.
- interracial relationships
Well, I'm actually in one. I love being in an interracial relationship, even though some don't approve of it.
- meeting online
Meeting online is pretty much like meeting in person, except you can't really touch them (can't say see or because of cameras, pictures, and microphones lol. Isn't technology something?)

21. And last of all, sticking with the theme of this community, when do you love them the most? This may sound stupid, but I love him the most when we've had a fight or something, and we might stop talking for like 3 mins...or maybe not even that long, but then we make up ( can't hold grudges long, especially with him) and then he always say the sweetest things, and it makes me love him even more!!! Some people call me crazy, but I call it love!

We don't have but one of us together, since we haven't really been together this year that much. but I'll post some individual ones...and get us together as soon as possible!

Red eyes!!!!! Actually his eyes are hazel though.

Steve in class.

Me, lol. Told you I'm silly!

Me with my bass, and my sister sitting beside her drumset with her sticks.

As soon as I get more pictures of Steve and I, I'll put them up if I get 11 accepts. Thank you so much for your time!
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