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1. Your name: Laina
2. Their name: Brian
3.Your ages: 18 and 21
4. Your location: new york
5. Their location: new york...
6. How long have you been together? since december 12th, 2004. (a year and 7 months :o)
7. What is the status of your relationship? promised.
8. Where did you find out about this community? by clicking on one of my intrests.

And now onto the more detailed questions.....

9.How did you meet? we orignally met in marching band...although we started really talking when he cut my christmas tree and I told him he had to bring it to my car because it was the more "gentlemanly thing to do." haha...and he did and then he IMed and told me how beautiful I really was and how he didn't notice it until he saw me standing by my car with the snow in my hair. :o) From there it just set on fire.

10. Where do you see yourselves as a couple in five years? What are your plans for the future? In five years we're getting married. At the end of 5 years anyway..maybe close to six- i want to finish college and have a year of a career under way before I settle down.

11. When did you know you loved them? When we were talking on my front porch one night and it started to snow...he said he loved me and i smiled and told him i loved him right back...it's kinda strange because I think I knew it for a while I just never thought about it until it came out. Ok...that sounds weird...but ya know?

12.What is the sweetest thing they have ever said to you? Probably the night he came to the doctor's with me because I was really ill...he told me that no matter how sick I am or what I look like he could never stay away from me---even if it meant risking his own health.

13. What is the most romantic thing they have ever done for you?he came home from college unaanounced with a dozen roses and an overnight bag. He and my mom planned the whole thing behind my back and my mom told me I had a dinner to go to and I had to dress nicely because it was abirthday party for a family friend at a very nice restaurant. So Brian walked in and I think he was surprised to see me looking all dressy and such. he was as surprised as i was! haha

14. What was the most fun/exciting/memorable thing you've ever done together?
most fun= the day we went to his bungalow on the beach and spent the whole day haning out with our 2 best friends...we cooked hot dogs and burgers on the fire and played in the snow and took pictures by the water...played poker and uno and told funny stories...played truth or dare...it was just a good time.

most exciting= hmmm probably when I went to surprise him at college and got up there and rang his doorbell and casually asked him if he had plans for dinner---like nothing was abnormal about me being there...then just spending the weekend together and partying with all his friends and exploring the nature stuff during the day.

most memorable= when he told me about how the night his dad met his mom...he told his parents that they better like her because he'd marry her some day...and how the only way brian found out the story was because he said the same thing about me. and we all had a big dinner and his parents "welcomed me" to their family. :o)

15. What would you change about your relationship? Nothing. Well..I hate that we go to different schools 2 hours away and that the next 4 years are going to be apart for a good part of the year...but after that i'll have my whole life to spend with him and i can't wait!

16. What's your favorite thing about them? Least favorite? Brian understands me...in fact sometimes I think he's the only person who really knows who I am...and I know him...it's like we can tell whatever the other person is thinking without even asking...and we know exactly how to make the person feel better in times of trouble. it's like we're one person...we think exactly alike. my least favorite thing? hmmm...he has a hard time admitting he's wrong---but he gets that from his dad. its ok though because i always call him on his bluffs and we end up laughing about it.

17. How do your parents feel about your relationship? my mom is just as in love with him as i am...she calls him "sonny" and he calls ger "sweety" haha...idk. i dont really have a relationship with my father...he doesnt live with me so what he feels isnt really of any importance....whatever...but his parents said they want to adopt me haha...his parents are more of a family to me than my own is.

18. If money were no object, what would you buy your SO? Why? i'd buy him a house...because his dad always tells us the best thing to invest our money in is real estate and to do it young. lol

19. Question of your choice. Tell us something we haven't asked.
hmmm...I don't want you to think I'm about sex or anything because it's not like that--but from previous entries in other communities etc you might read about my miscarriage...me and Brian were having a baby but I miscarried after about a month? um...anyways...we were planning on placing the baby in an open adoption so tat we could visit him/her and still provide the baby with a decent home life.

20. And so we can get an idea about you and your views of relationships, how do you feel about....

- long distance relationships- we do it about 7 months out of the year...so i think if there's a will there's a way!
- same sex relationships- there's nothing wrong with them...i see nothing different--it's all about love.
- interracial relationships- i've never thought of this an issue...I know many couples who are interracial and I don't even really think about it.
- meeting online- dangerous...and kind of weird...although sometimes it works i suppose?

21. And last of all, sticking with the theme of this community, when do you love them the most? When we sit by the fire and he puts his arm around me and kisses my forehead and tells me everything is going to be okay. or when he lets me stay over his house for hours...days...whatever i need when my father gets in one of his moods and tries to come get me. he calls his house my "safe haven"...a place where nothing and no one can hurt me.

And please post some pictures if you have them.
Post as many as you want.
No limit.

"prince in shining armor" haha--he always calls me princess or pumpkin--so he has to be the prince if i am the princess! and our baby is "pumpkin seed" lol

ohhh photoshop<3

the fireworks at the fire dept.
where we go for walks
brian in the truck
haha i love this picture.

it was windy.

the end!<3
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